Electro Weld tech TagLine

Electro Weld tech TagLine

Repairing & Refurbishing

Electroweld Industries provides services to our clients in the resistance welding industry in a number of different ways. We provide consulting services to our clients. We have experienced service technicians that can repair or rebuilt your existing equipment.  

Our Services include the following:-

  1. Consultation for resistance welding problems and applications
  2. Engineering of special electrodes , tooling and fixtures.
  3. Fabrication of special electrodes ,tooling and fixtures.
  4. Machine evaluation and upgrade recommendations , if applicable.
  5. In our plant retrofits of upgrades and installation of controls
  6. Repair Services
  7. Casting repair / refurbishment
  8. Circuit board repairs
  9. Transformer repair/rebuild
  10. All parts and accessories to support resistance welders.
  11. Machine capacity upgrade.
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Our Esteemed Clients

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